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Since inception I’ve been Wishing

My first memories start with wanting

Since light had bathed my skin

For many things I’ve been searching

Simple things when I was a child

or as a teen thereafter dreaming

And then a young man anxiously waiting

The tomorrow that was coming

And now that my hair is grey

I need and have been craving

A long and lasting dose of Nothing

No wishing, hoping or wanting

Just give me a lot of nothing

Nothing in my thoughts or in my feelings

I wonder and have been asking

How a road that’s long and winding

Took a child who always dreamed

Hoped, wished and kept on wanting

To a place where he now just wishes nothing


Within His Dreams



In bed, covered with pristine white sheets

Eyes shut you’d think he sleeps

The sheets over his chest

Move slightly as he breathes

Silence permeates his room

Interrupted by a few beeps

Showing his heart is still alive

Drawing a line on a small screen

His brain’s no longer among us

If you asked these machines

He’s now an empty shell

The chart says this is clear

But inside his head at that very moment

He was running in a vast field

Under the blue skies he was,

Sunrays bathing his cheeks

Aroma of flowers permeates the air

The music of rustling trees

Those on the outside thought him in agony

But they were clearly deceived

For after many years of pain

Now he lives in peace

He wasn’t a shell at all

He was alive within his dreams

A dandelion in the wind



I swear I can’t give you more

I have even given you my bones

I have given you my past

My future misery you set in stone

You found me to be a giver

So you drained me from my soul

I have no more to give you

Just leave me on my own

Release me from your hand

Like a dandelion that you’ve blown

Just let me float away

I don’t care where I’m thrown

Thanks for Nothing



You conjured me in reality without asking

Weak lungs, frail heart, joints hurting

Turmoil and agony at every corner waiting

Joyful moments rare, spending my days cringing

I can imagine bliss, but in reality bliss is fleeting

Everyone tells me you’re angry at my thinking

You would rather see me on my knees thanking

Tell me why would I drop to my knees praying?

You conjured me in reality without asking

I’ll drop on my knees only when I quit breathing

You’ll get no thanks from me this Sunday morning

For now, I can only thank you for nothing

A lamb among wolves



If you were raised to live this life

As a lamb among these wolves

Your elders gave you an advice

To live softly among these hordes

But Around you, you see your kind

Being trampled and destroyed 

Now you doubt their sound advice

And you wish you had ignored

You want to fill your heart with hate

Make your heart as hard as stone  

For you I’m writing these few lines

So remember these few words

Make in your heart for love a shrine

And feed this love until it’s grown

A loving heart will be your armor

Defending you from all these swords

A loop of torment


If your heart is profoundly forgiving

And your memory recollects infallibly

You enter an infinite loop of torment

Where you keep remembering vividly

Things you have forgiven previously

Like Ripples on a Pond


I looked at a pond in dead calm

With no ripples on its surface

Reflecting like a mirror sheet

Like the horizon seeming endless

Its beauty not its own

Borrowed from surrounding forests

Its presence as it is

Like a sentence being voiceless

It seemed begging for a pebble

To drown the awesome numbness

Like the pond my spirit is still

With no ripples on its surface

Throw in a pebble my dear

And drown this awesome numbness

Message Across the Ocean



I’m sorry for leaving you behind

I never meant to make you cry

My ship was leaving that day

I didn’t want to stay behind

My fate was waiting for me

The fate I thought I’d find

My adventurous spirit told me

It didn’t want to be confined

So I tried my luck on that ship

With destination undefined

Few things I carried with me

With no pictures of you inside

The only pictures I had of you

Were only in my mind

I cried on the ship that night

Wished I could turn the ship around

Yet my wild spirit won again

And my tears completely dried

I got to my destined fate

And started my new life

Time quickly flew by me

The days just passed me by

Soon twenty years have passed

And my face is full of lines

But just like that first day

Your picture’s in my mind

Words on Paper


A poet sits, pen in hand

Writing in blood and sweat

His words dipped in his veins

His veins with emotions fret

His lines come fast to paper

As though from his heart they leapt

When inside him they’d caused pain

And thereafter he had wept

So he wrote his lines on paper

To push out the pain he felt

He didn’t intend to sadden

Or make any soul upset

If his words were not on paper

Where can his words be kept?



I’ve been searching all this time

I searched for you the lows and highs

But at the end I could not find

The one I wanted by my side

Then I heard through the grapevine

That in your tower you shall hide

Your heart is full and so they say

You have no time for one more lie

I stopped searching on that day

To give you space and give you time

I sent you a message with a Blue Jay

And I’ll be awaiting your reply

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